Musical Instruments

Dhol (ঢোল):

a percussion musical instrument widely used during Bihu performance.It is a double sided barrel drum. The dhol is played using one stick on one side and and the other side with free hand.

Pepa (পেঁপা):

It is pipe made up of buffalo horn and is played during bihu performance.It has 3 different parts-the buffalo horn, a smaller pipe of bamboo and a part named as supohi to create pressure by mouth.

Gogona (গগণা):

It is also a musical instrument that is played during the bihu and made of bamboo sticks. There are two types of gogona- ramdhon gogona and lahori gogona. Ramdhon gogonas are played by the male bihu dancers and lahori gogonas by the female ones.

Taal (তাল):

Taal is a pair of two copper plates which create a soothing sound while beating on each other. There are several type of taal- bor tal, xorutaal, maju taal, khuti taal etc

Khol (খোল):

A khol is a dhol type musical drum but thinner and longer than dhol. It is played during religious prayer or during gayana bayana.

Mridong (মৃদংগ):

Mridong is a khol like drum but a bit thicker than it. Like khol, Mridong is also played during religious prayers.

Flute (বাঁহী):

It is a musical pipe made of bamboo sticks. It is an aero phone or reed less wind instrument that produces its sound from the flow of air across an opening.

Toka (টকা):

A musical instrument made up also of bamboo stick. One end of a bamboo is tied with a string and the other end is split into two. Now both the sides of the split end are pulled apart and left in rhythm to create some musical notes.

Dotara (দোতাৰা):

The is a two  stringed musical instrument resembles to a guitar. It is being played along with folk songs

Nagara (নাগাৰা):

Nagara is a pair of folk drums being played during folk songs as well as religious prayers of asom.

Sifung (চিফুং):

Sifung  is a kind of long flute used by the Bodo people of Asom .

Dhepadhol (ঢেপাঢোঁল):

Dhepadhol is a kind of dhol, like a drum, used by the people of Darrang district.

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